top 30 Off the street fashion

We walk on the street sometime wondering how people would look and thing at us. how people would feel and interact with the way we look. our way of looking and what we wear is in fact one of the most parts of people's ideas about us. check out these fancy girls walking over the street, looking fancy , stylish and most of all: Unique!

Jacob and hes shoes

Right after hes show. he came up and showed off hes unique crystal buckled shoes out of hes eponymous collection from the night before. 

Check out the Fall line pictures of Jacobs Duffy inc
inside the post.

Free tickets: Trancesetting

for the trance lovers. we have 2 free tickets to Trancesetting event for tonight.

download here and put in reaction.
2 Free Tickets

Goleden Combination Aleksey&Marina

Amazing fashion / glamour work of two artists in different sectors
Aleksey Kozlov (photographer) and Marina Khlebnikova (fashion designer).

Inside the post you can see the work of these two talented artists who won
the Grand Tour Trophy Victoria Trierenberg Super Circuit 2011.

100 years Fashion and Style in less then 100 SEC

People's wearing evaluation is for most of us a fascination. Its funny to see how fast fashion changes. the  variation in cloths and style is changing very fast. Inside we have gatherd two videos about fashion and its evaluation in the past decade.

check out the 100 years of East London fashion in 100 seconds. and find out why the meaning of hot and sexy clothes changes every few years in the second video.

Fun Fashion: Creative shoes

Stylish Kobi Levi is one of the most inspirated designers in foot wear industery.
he treats his work as sculpture and is more in fun way of fashion then glamour and beauty in my opinion.
check out the gallery we put up inside the post to see the rest of his work. you probably have never seen such high heels.

How to Fish Braid your hair

1by beautiful mess blog
Most of us know how braiding your hair can give you a fresh new look and love to learn new ways to braid hairs and styl.

Abeatifulmess came up with a nice way to fish braid. inside you can follow the steps and even mix it with color llines in between.

wrist watch: how important in fashion?

Time is what keeps most of us stressing and missing great opportunities in our lives. time is money, time is perhaps one of our precious things we own in life and sometimes don't even notice it. 

but time can also be with us. As you know for example a cellphone or even more beautiful, a wrist watch. It's something you wear and look gorgeous! 
inside we have a collection of most beautiful wrist watches for you to see, enjoy and inspire and  enhance your style with them.

Happy new 2012

Fashion2top crew wishes you all a very happy new year. May all of us enjoy 2012 with health, success, luck, happiness, wealth and most important of all: Style

check out the nice new year celeb wishes from the two famous fashion houses .

G-star fashion spring for women collection

G-star again gave a reborn to jeans an pants with their new collection. the new collection was shown at the Merdeces-Benz FashionWeek at berlin. check out the official channel  for other brands included in the bottom of this post.
 Watch the G-star video inside plus the women set...